abiomed, danvers ma

Abiomed is a 160,000 sf manufacturing, research & developing facility that is dedicated to develop some ground breaking technologies in healthcare. Their biggest focus is to develop technologies designed to assist or replace life-sustaining function of a failing heart. The project involves interior and exterior renovation of the facility. The goal of the exterior design upgrade is to align to the front of the building and create an image that speaks to the brand. 

The existing structure of the facility is salvaged and reinvented into three components distinguished by three materials. A slate stone box with linear rustication resonates the movement along the main street and defines the training center. The glass beacon brings light into the working spaces. And finally a sleeve like canopy at the intersection of the glass & slate that calls attention to the building entry

Architect - ADD Inc now with Stantec
Jeff Wade, Sara Diem, Lauren Gunther, Jonathan Knox, Michael Cunningham, Jess Garnitz, Bart Nelson, Animish Kudalkar