prince ave

The Prince Ave data center is designed to  re purpose an old manufacturing plant into an advanced facility for network server that collects and processes data for nations leading institutions. The idea for design was to embrace the monumentality of this modern day silo with two bold design strategies. One of the strategy was to clad the building with a dynamic exterior skin that plays with the perception at different scales and light. The other was to complement the monumental form with transparency that not only brings light into the working spaces but also highlights significant views out to the city. 

The primary goal of this project is to maximizes the area for servers in addition to providing high end office spaces for the clients. The biggest challenge has been the almost unrealistic move-in schedule where the team had to device a complicated phasing strategy within the available resources and conditions.

The team made a conscious decision to use the existing tall floor dimensions to come up with a pattern of articulation that complemented the monumental form. The length of each precast panel was designed within the constraints set by a trailer to economize shipping of the material.

Architect - ADD Inc now with Stantec
Larry Grossman, Michael Joyce, David Wildnauer, Chris Neukamm, Ashley Johnson, Chris Petrie, Animish Kudalkar