Warp + Weft

The mundane mass produced component is underutilized and ready made. Weft+warp employs the ready made object [clothespin] as a means to exploit architectural efficiencies, functionalities and economics. Once the material was devised it was obvious that it could be fabricated at a much larger scale as the basis of the pavilion.

Society is constrained by the placement of the outlet. The project addresses societies need for a continuous connection whenever, wherever. Challenging the notion of pavilion, reducing it to its main components, the material addresses the vagueness of the word. The fabric’s flexibility allows it to warp into various forms; at once acting as floor, wall and ceiling, all the time providing power, lighting and media connection. 

Project Team:
Stephen Vebber, Nathan Van Zuidam, Krishna Kanth, Parker Brock, Animish Kudalkar